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How Long Do Personal Injury Claims Take

How long will my personal injury case take? is a common first-time client inquiry when seeking a Personal Injury Claims attorney. Your particular accident and the contributing variables will determine how long it takes for your personal injury case to be resolved. These variables include your injuries, the specifics of the accident, and the individuals involved.

The ideal situation would be to be able to inform you, as soon as you engage us, how long your claim will take—exactly “x” weeks or “y” months. But the reality is that at Thompson Law, we treat each and every client like family and provide them with great, personalized care. This means we do not take any shortcuts, and we always strive to guide our clients through the process such in a way that will get the very best results and maximum compensation.

1. Accidents can range greatly in size and severity.

The length of time it takes to investigate and determine who was at fault and what other variables contributed to your accident will depend on how complicated it was. For instance, it will take longer to evaluate the information of an automobile collision involving more than two vehicles than it would in the case of a straightforward two-car fender-bender.

How quickly a claim may settle can also depend on where the accident occurred. As an illustration, an automobile accident in San Antonio might provide a more accommodating legal environment that encourages the insurance companies to settle more quickly than a comparable event in a city that is less tolerant of personal injury claims.

Timing may also be impacted by official accident reports. A police report is an impartial account of the incident from a reliable source that usually helps to bring some agreement regarding the event for all parties involved in the claim, which can speed up the process.

2. The Events Contributing to the Accident
The individuals responsible for the accident may also have an impact on how long it takes to process a claim or pursue legal action. Finding the responsible party or parties in a worksite accident where there are layers of project management, subcontractors, equipment rental firms, engineers, architects, and property owners will be challenging.

Other parties may potentially complicate matters in truck accident lawsuits. Large trucking companies or product companies frequently hire truckers directly to convey their goods. These big businesses are skilled at defending their rights, and they have armies of insurance and legal support working in their favor to stall and muddle the bargaining process.

Government agencies can also make a case more challenging. This can speed up the procedure in the beginning since they frequently have lower deadlines for filing. However, they frequently fail to reciprocate the timeliness and civility you have shown them. The process of filing a claim against the government entities responsible for your injury might be slowed down by miles of red tape, complicated documents, and administrative delays.

3. The Degree of Your Damages
The severity and breadth of your injuries will also have a significant impact on how long your case will take to resolve. A car collision when you emerge with some scrapes and bruises and a dented car your personal injury attorney to generate a claim more quickly. You may need to see a doctor only once or twice for examination, perhaps stitches and precautionary follow up. On the other hand, if you suffer a traumatic head injury and broken bones, you may be facing months of medical treatment, monitoring, and physical therapy. The total scope of these services and their associated costs will take time to finalize.

It will take some time to determine the monetary value of the lifestyle adjustments you will need if your injuries are permanent. This may entail calculating lost earning potential, hiring home health care providers, remodeling your house, finding childcare, and other things.

It is worth the delay to give the case more time in these circumstances of severe and long-lasting injuries. By doing this, your legal team will be able to fully account for your costs and losses, putting you in a better position to negotiate a full and just financial settlement.

4. The Sort of Conflict Resolution Necessary
The length of your case procedure will also be influenced by the form of dispute resolution you and your lawyer choose. The majority of personal injury cases can be settled via one of the following four procedures: negotiation, arbitration, small claims court, or lawsuit filing. Less time will be needed for negotiation and arbitration techniques. Although there may still be a lot of back and forth between your lawyer and the opposing insurance company, the procedure is now handled through more open lines of communication.

The option that takes the longest to pursue is a court-initiated lawsuit. With this approach, you will be subject to court scheduling, which entails a number of processes and frequently results in delays. When negotiations fail, lawsuits are often used as a final resort.

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